College Entrance Requirements

Many students will continue their formal education after graduation. If your plans 
include post-secondary education, you should keep in mind the following factors upon 
which college admission is generally dependent: 

1) Grade point average and class rank: Grades are important. Your class rank is 
determined from your cumulative GPA, and it is computed at the end of each 
semester. Only semester grades are used to compute the rank. 

2) Course selection: Colleges closely examine the quality of a student’s record 
(grades 9-12).  Contact specific colleges for their requirements. 
Please see Colorado Department on Higher Education (CDHE) 

3) College admission tests: Colleges rely on the ACT and the SAT testing programs 
for admission and/or placement. These tests are primarily taken during a student’s 
junior year. The ACT is now state-mandated and will be given in the spring of 
the junior year and paid for by the state. Any additional testing and retakes cost are the responsibility of the student.

4) Activities: Participation in activities such as student government, performing arts, 
clubs, and athletics are regarded as important. In addition, community service is 
becoming increasingly more important for scholarships. 

5) Personal recommendations by teachers and counselors: Letters of 
recommendation help prospective schools to know your strengths more in depth. 

6) Personal essay or statement: Many schools require an essay or personal 
statement written by the candidate. 

Information regarding careers, college admissions and occupations is available through 
the post-secondary center in the counseling office. Counselors are available to assist with 
career planning or other post-secondary planning. Students should schedule an 
appointment to meet with their counselor to discuss both short-and long-range plans.


The Bollman Technical Education Center offers the following academic courses. Students must be enrolled in a Bollman career and technical program to be eligible for enrollment in Bollman academic courses. All academic classes are CDHE approved for an academic core class. Current Academic offerings at BTEC include English 11, English 12, and Material Sciences. 

(BTEC English, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes meet district graduation requirements) . Please consult with your counselor to verify which courses do meet the NCAA Clearinghouse requirements before making final course selections.

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