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Ms. Kinsel's Homepage


Subject: Spanish - Grade(s): 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Welcome to ELD/ESL!

An English language learner (ELL) student is defined as a linguistically and culturally diverse student who has an overall English Language Proficiency level of 1-4. Beginners (1), Intermediates (2), Advanced (3) and Transitioning (4) ELLs are enrolled in one of the four courses geared towards their language development. The emphasis of these classes is on developing academic English skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as research & reasoning. Through our units of study, students develop their grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, social and academic speech, writing and many other skills necessary to become linguistically proficient.



1st Period- PLAN

2nd Period- English Beginning I (Grades 9-12)

3rd Period- Advanced English (Grades 9-12)

4th Period- English Beginning II & English Intermediate (Grades 9-12)

5th Period- LUNCH

6th Period- English Transition I (Freshmen & Sophomores)

7th Period- PLAN

8th Period- English Transition II (Juniors & Seniors)

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