Our Principal

Ms. Julie Enger

It is a tremendous honor to have been selected as the first Principal of Mountain Range High School.  Having been a part Adams 12 Five Star School's community for the past nineteen years, I take great pride in its students, staff and history.  I am committed to continuing the excellence this district has achieved through the years in both academics and co-curricular activities/athletics.

I am a Colorado native and graduated from Regis University with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and obtained my Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision from the University of Phoenix.  Prior to being selected for Mountain Range, I served as the principal at Northglenn High School.

I do not see education as being limited to the four walls of a classroom.  I have a vision beyond the content.  Ideally, public education is a setting where students from diverse backgrounds and individual needs achieve, feel safe and develop a sense of self.  While the political focus of educational reform is measurable academic achievement, I believe that school reform begins with students developing a sense of purpose and belonging.  If students feel disconnected, they will not invest in the learning, nor will they likely contribute to the greater social community.  Education has evolved from instilling academics for later regurgitation to developing students to function and succeed in a democratic culture.  I look forward to working with students and staff in developing a sense of community that fosters positive growth for all.