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Dig Lit News, September 2018

One thing I love is reading blogs and searching for new ways to make technology work better for you (and our students) in the classroom! I also love to work with students (and teachers!) to make sure our graduates are ready to be productive, digitally literate members of society when they leave MRHS.(They are 21st Century Learners-and that's part of Elevate!)

Making sure our students know how to use the abundance of information that is literally at their fingertips is important. They need to be able to evaluate and sift through information from a variety of sources. And, they should be able to decide what they can use when creating new media of their own. From Google Apps tips to presentation tools to simple shortcuts, this monthly newsletter covers it all. Everything will also be posted on the Library News page.

Check out this month's edition of the Dig Lit News for tips on adding Google Drive to your computer, to learn about our new citation tool NoodleTools, and more!