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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child says s/he was in class, but Infinite Campus says he was absent or received a call saying s/he was absent. How do I verify attendance?                        

 ●Please talk to your child if you see a discrepancy.

 ●Verify the absence with the teacher

 ●Have your child talk with his teacher.

 ●Have your child get a correction form in the student relations office and have the teacher fill it out.

 ●FYI - - If a student is 10 or more minutes late to class, they will be marked absent. More information about these policies can be found in the student handbook.     

2. My child says s/he never has homework, but s/he is failing his classes. What do I do?                           

●Check Infinite Campus to see if homework is entered as missing (M).

●Check Teacher’s websites.

●Email teachers.

●Set a homework time/schedule at home.

●Check grades weekly on Infinite Campus.

●Have students use their planner to write assignments down and then check the planner on a regular basis.

3. How can I check to see if my child has gone to get help at Academic Support?

●If curious if your child attended Academic Support, you may email any teacher to check. 

4. How do I find the school policies (dress code, attendance)?

●Click on the 'Family Resources' link on the top-right hand portion of the Mountain Range homepage, then select 'School Handbook.' 

●In the STUDENT HANDBOOK, there is a section on STUDENT CONDUCT.

●Teacher syllabus may include important classroom policies.

5. My child was absent.  How does s/he get his missing work?

●Parents need to call in to school to excuse absences.  This must be submitted within two (2) days of the school day absent. In the case of multiple consecutive absences,the excuse must be submitted within two (2) school days of the last school day absent.

●Students need to communicate personally with each individual teacher.

●Check the teacher’s websites.

●Attend Academic Support.

●Email the teacher.

● FYI - - Students are EXPECTED to complete any and all work missed during an absence. If your child has an excused absence, they will have the number of days they missed plus one day to complete missing work. 

●FYI - - No single absences are excused without parent/guardian pick up and signing their child out/in or with a doctor note.

6. My child is struggling academically and needs additional support. What can I do?                  

● Identify why your child is failing:  Do they have missing assignments, low assessment grades; missing homework/practice or numerous absences.

●Encourage your child to attend Academic Support Hours on Wednesdays from 7:45-8:20 am 

●Contact your child’s teacher.

7. My child failed a class last semester, what do I do?

●Contact your child’s counselor to discuss credit recovery options.                                                                                          

8. When can my child meet with a teacher to get help?

● As a high school student, we would like to create self-advocacy skills within each student.

●All teachers are available during Academic Support (Wednesday 7:45-8:20).  

●Schedule an appointment with the teacher.