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What is Naviance?

Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness website that helps students align strengths and interests to post secondary goals, improves student outcomes and helps to connect learning to life.  It is the platform Adams 12 School District uses to house the student’s ICAP portfolio.  Naviance enables each student to have a truly personalized action plan of specific tasks necessary to achieve their goals.  It provides support and guidance to students, families and school staff to promote student achievement and post graduation success.  Naviance also supports increased collaboration and transparency between school counselors and their students.

Naviance Family Connection Link

Partnering with your Student for Success using Family Connection

What is Family Connection?

Your student’s school partners with Naviance to provide a variety of tools for student success after high school through academic, career and college planning. These tools are located in Family Connection, a website for students and families to access online resources, communicate with school staff and work with your student on college and career readiness activities.

What can your student do in Family Connection?

Students can research colleges, scholarships, careers, enrichment programs and courses in one location. They can also create individual plans that can be linked to college and career readiness and communicate easily with teachers and counselors. Learn more about what you can do in Family Connection in the attachments below!