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Welcome to Ms. Johnson's Homepage

I love teaching at Mountain Range High School and am honored to be part of the inaugural staff.  I am a co-sponsor for the Mountain Range chapter of National Honor Society and Student Government.  I spend most of my time at "The Mountain" and I really enjoy attending Mountain Range events.  This is my home away from home.  GO MUSTANGS!

Johnson's Schedule: (click links for calendar/website)

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  2. Math 3 - Room B204
  3. Precalculus - Room B204
  4. Precalculus - Room B204
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  6. Math 3 - Room B204 
  7. Precalculus - Room B204
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Access Room: B204

Latest News

Johnson's Expectations

Posted: 08/16/2021
In support of the PBS program at Mountain Range, I expect students to follow the guidelines for all academic areas (see below). Mature: Be on time for class every day. Be responsible for your own learning. Bring materials to class... Read More