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Course Description:

Contemporary math 3 continues the integrated development of high school mathematics along the interwoven strands of algebra, functions,
geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability. Focused units of study connect these strands through an emphasis on reasoning
and proof in geometric, algebraic, and statistical contexts and of basic principles that underlie those reasoning strategies.
Inequalities and linear programming will extend students’ ability to reason both algebraically and graphically with topics that
include inequalities in one and two variables including absolute value and quadratic inequalities. Students will extend their
understanding to similarity and congruence and use those relations to solve problems and to prove geometric assertions with and
without the use of coordinates. Students will work on developing an understanding of the measurement of variability including
normal distribution, standardized scores and binomial distributions. Polynomial and rational functions will extend students’
abilities to represent and draw inferences using symbolic expressions and manipulations. The last units of study for this course
will focus upon circles and circular functions, recursion and iteration, and finally inverse functions with a focus on logarithmic
functions and their use in modeling and analyzing problem situations and data patterns.