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Ms. Jacques' Homepage


Welcome to Ms. Jacques' Homepage. 

Remote Learning Information:

All assignments will be posted through Google Classroom. Assignments for the week will be posted on Monday and will be collected on Friday for a practice grade (S/I/U/M) unless otherwise specified. It is understood, unless otherwise stated, that students will complete the assignments individually and adhere to Mountain Range High School’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Please use the appropriate code listed below to join Google Classroom.

Attendance will be taken every Friday by 5pm. To be counted present for the week, you need to have engaged with me in some way during the week: email me with questions, attend a Zoom meeting, submit homework, etc.

Office hours are as follows:  Monday: 11am - 1pm; Tuesday: 12:30pm - 2:30pm; Wednesday: 2pm - 4pm; Thursday: 8am - 10am; Friday: 9:30am - 11:30am

Office hours on one day (TBD) will be set aside for Zoom meetings. More information will be posted in Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

In an effort to prepare for remote learning, I have created google classroom codes for each of my sections. If you see this, could you please join the correct section and encourage your classmates to do the same? Hopefully this will give us a jumpstart on what we need to do when we come back from spring break. Thank you! Ms. Jacques

Pd 1 Math 1 code: gzszqr6

Pd 2 Math 1 code: 2dloxp2

Pd 3 CP Math 3 code: 6q4skkx

Pd 4 Math 1 code: o2lpudy

Pd 7 CP Math 3 code: aiz7u6j


Accessing the online textbook:

•Go to

•Click “login as a student”

•Enter Mountain Range HS

•Login in with your Adams12 username and password

•Click on Big Ideas icon