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Ms. Squires' Homepage


Welcome to Ms. Squires's Homepage

I'm excited for my first year at the Mountain! I previously taught in Aurora Public Schools. I currently teach CMIC 1 and CMIC 2. My planning periods are 3rd and 7th. My lunch is 4th hour. Feel free to email me at any time ( I usually respond to emails (within 24 hours).

I keep a very up to date calendar. Please refer to it if you miss a day or lost an assignment. It has notes and assignments/book work for each day.


Period 1: CMIC I Room A204 -

Period 2: CMIC 1 - Room A204

Period 3: Planning

Period 4: Lunch

Period 5: CMICII - Room A204

Period 6: CMICII

Period 7: Planning - Teacher Workroom

Period 8: CMIC II - Room A204

Access Room: A204