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Period 1 - Integrated Math 1
Period 2 - CP Trig & Pre-Calc
❖ Period 3 - Plan
Period 4 - CP Integrated Math 3
Period 5 - Integrated Math 1
❖ Period 6 - Lunch
Period 7 - Integrated Math 1
❖ Period 8 - Plan

Links to the Zoom meetings will be posted in Schoology.

Acquired a B.S. in Applied Math and Computer Science from the University of Tulsa, and then went on to finish an M.Ed. in Education and Human Resource Studies.

Has done everything education related from tutoring, to math centers, SAT/ACT prep, and still teaches Java/Javascript programming at tech camps during the summers.

Is currently teaching Integrated Math I, CP Math III and CP Trig & Pre-Calc during the 2020-2021 school year.

Some favorite hobbies include: drawing/art, crochet/knitting, listening to music, running, visiting various "hipster" coffee shops, playing video games, watch tv shows and movies, trying new food and cooking. 

Been all over, including living in 3 countries and continents, 5 states and speaking 3 languages (only two of which are fluent).

Talk to me about anything :)