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The National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) is dedicated to the advancement of Chinese language study in public and independent secondary schools and is sponsored by the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS).

The National Chinese Honor Society was established in November 1993. Its objective is to acknowledge the superior achievement of secondary students studying Chinese as a second language. Like other honor societies, the National Chinese Honor Society not only recognizes high scholastic achievement but also good character, leadership, and service. NCHS members should exemplify all these standards. The Society’s goal is to promote enthusiasm for Chinese language learning and culture, commitment to advanced study, and greater cross-cultural understanding.

In order to be accepted, students need to:

1.     Take at least 3 years of Chinese at high school level, have an overall grade of B in Chinese and GPA: 3.0 or higher

2.     Show good character, leadership and service.

3.     At least 10 community /club service hours for promoting Chinese language learning and culture

4.     If students want to get the NCHS Graduation Cord, they should be in the Chinese language classes at senior year.

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