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Are you in need of some help?  

  • Email me at
  • Make an appointment 
    • When you make an appointment I will make sure to be at my desk during the time of your appointment.  If you don't make an appointment I cannot promise that I will be at my desk when you arrive.
  • Academic Support in B204

SAT Prep and Tips

  • Khan Academy - This is an academic help site (great videos for most core subjects) which we will be incorporating into our Precalculus class throughout the year as a part of SAT prep.  Students will be expected to take practice tests/quizzes outside of class.
  • SAT Web Page - This is the official SAT web page where you can get all the info.  They even have sections for you to work through practice problems.

Need access to a graphing calculator at home? Here are a couple of good webpages to try:

  • Desmos - is great if you need to graph functions/equations and look at tables and graphs
  • Meta-calculator - not only does it graph and allow you to look at tables and find intersection points it also has a mode for calculating statistics!