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Dig Lit News, August 2019

As the Digital Literacy Partner (DLP) at Mountain Range High School,  my job is to support teachers and help our students with information literacy, digital literacy, and technology! Anytime you are having your students create a presentation or research something, I'd love to be in your room with you! I'm happy to co-teach with you side-by-side, especially if it's something around technology you don't feel comfortable doing. :) Have something coming up? I'll sit down and plan with you and help you find the right tool for your students. There are lots of options out there, and together we can find what works for you (and be sure it's approved for student use). 

I send Dig Lit news occasionaly to share new tools, tips and other news. Feel free to save my email if you're just too busy to look at it, and if you see something you want more help on later, just ask! I'm happy to sit down with you 1-on-1 and show you more.