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Remote Learning Tips for Staff

Througout our closure, I'll be sharing links to free materials for students and staffs and other tips for Remote Learning

  • 3-30-2020: Free Audiobooks, eBooks, Research and Newspapers, and Zoom tips
  • 4-1-2020Discovery Education, Google Meet Grid, and our Staff Welcome Back Video
  • 4-3-2020Free Anythink resources, Screencastify Unlimited, and a Google Classroom Stream tip
  • 4-6-2020Getting your H Drive on your Google Drive, Student and Staff Book Reviews, and more Flipgrid news
  • 4-10-20Flipgrid Whiteboards & Shorts, Jason Reynolds, & Updated Google Meet info
  • 4-15-20: 3 Tips to See Students/Screen on Meet, new Screencastify Submit plus video/text Screencastify tutorials, and Canva for Eduction
  • 4-27-20: Google Sites Announcement Banner, Student Portal information, Speakpipe Voicemail, and more
  • 5-4-2020Whiteboard Options and Destiny Tips
  • 5-13-20: GSuite and Screencastify Shortcuts, more Flipgrid ideas, Google Takeout, and more

Online Help for Staff and Students

I've added info to the Links page on the MRHS Website. These are both "Featured Links" on the MRHS Links site. Teachers: If you think of something students may need, please let me know, and I'll add it to the student page.