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Weight Training I and 2

Google Classroom Code for Weight Training I:  umtnoe3

Google Classroom Code for Weight Training II:  dnrv66v

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Maximal Strength Training:  We will train using low volume with heavy loads and complete recovery.  This type of training is to develop maximal strenth; it potentiates power and speed training.  

Exercise of the Week

Barbell RDL

Front Squat

Vocabulary Video-Type I and Type II muscle fiber

Make sure you are learning the Hypertrohpy Phase Vocabulary.

Daily Grade Rubric

4= Prompt-Prepared-Polite-ACTIVE Participant and Engaged, all behavior is positive and directed to the class activity.

3=All the above but shirt rule violation or any off task behavior.

2=Tardy but an active participant, reminded twice about on task behavior.

1=UPA or Not Dressed and Tardy but an active participant any more than 2 reminders for off task behavior, not dressed.

Preparatory Phase Vocabulary

Hypertrophy Phase Vocabulary

Strength Phase Vocabulary

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