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Building Access for Students

Date & Time: 
Thursday, May 28, 2020 (All day)

Thursday, 5/28/2020, Building Access for All Grades

On Thursday, 5/28/2020, you will have access to the building to collect items if needed. Entrance into the building will be from the East student lot. Only students picking up items will be allowed to enter the building.  All students must wear a self provided mask and will have their temperature checked before entering the building. Do not come to school if you have a fever or are not feeling well. 

 Access is limited to the listed areas and no other areas of the building will be open.

  • Band/choir/orchestra rooms
  • Photo studio room
  • B113 Ms. Rigli’s room, (drawing and painting) 
  • D123 and D127, Mrs. Dowling’s, Mrs. Colegrove’s,  and Ms. Martin’s rooms
  • PE/Athletic locker rooms Note:  You do not need to go to the PE locker room if your PE locker is empty.  We will take care of your lock for you.

More Information and Time Slots: