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Letters to the Class of 2020

Senior Letters

On March 13th, 2020 the class of 2020 walked out of Mountain Range High School for the last time. Left with nothing but memories, the seniors in Journalism were tasked to write open letters to their school and their classmates. These are those letters.  Stay tuned for more. #Classof2020Strong.

  • Our first letter, from Mayanna Tomaszewski, reminds you to focus on the memories you've made, knowing that you have a lot of living ahead of you, Seniors.
  • Ben Braunstein emphasizes the power of hope, dreams, and the impact his generation can make on all of us.
  • Austin Brown reminds his classmates of just how strong they are and the importance of staying positive.
  • Gracelyn Domenico, from walking in as a freshman to now, shows how much the class of 2020 has grown to love and support one another. 
  • Tanner Meuret asks us to look on the bright side. The class of 2020 will have the craziest graduation story in the history of graduations.
  • Kylee Wallace helps us remember that , even though this is incredibly tough, it's important to support one another by staying positive. 
  • Sadie Gonzales gives a shout out to the strongest graduating class and asks her fellow seniors to be creative, reach out, and be kind to themselves.
  • Sarah Synave acknowledges how disappointing this end to senior year is. She also reminds us how important it is to have hope--hope for closure to this chapter of their lives and hope for a memorable future.
  • Alessandra Leon is proud of the class of 2020 and how they've come together to support one another, continue traditions, and celebrate accomplishments. 

  • Emma Schneiderwent talks about pushing though the anger and sadness with strength and positivity, how important it is to never give up.
  • Kristi Penix acknowledges how difficult this is for the class of 2020, and she knows they can get through this time together (just six feet apart).
  • Shaylen Mann reminds us that it's ok to feel whatever you're feeling, seniors. Move at your own pace.
  • Brayan Parra sees the class of 2020 as a part of history now, and together, you can overcome these challenges you've faced.

Stay tuned for more letters, and stay strong, Mustangs.