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Children’s Hospital Colorado News

Children’s Hospital Colorado News for October

Some kids just can’t seem to shake their coughs. As a parent, is there anything you can do? And how do you know the difference between a common cold and something more serious? We answer those questions and many more.

How can I tell the difference between COVID-19, the flu or a common cold?

Flu and common cold symptoms can be similar to COVID-19, but there are some differences. If your child is feeling sick or having difficulty breathing, you should call your primary care provider. The best way for them to tell the difference between COVID-19 and other viruses is by giving your child a test. Depending on your child’s symptoms, your primary care provider may recommend that as the next step.

5 Nutrition Truths for Parents of Growing Athletes

From special products and fancy food to energy bars and sports drinks, it’s hard for parents to know what their kids need these days for optimum sports performance. Our sports dieticians outline some interesting facts. Get their tips.