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The Mustang Merc is Here to Help

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As we know COVID-19 has affected us all over the past few years. Here at Mountain Range, we have created a Mercantile to help our families and students in their time of need. We call these our "Family Boxes". Boxes can include food, hygiene products, household items, school supplies, and some clothing. There is no cost for these boxes and we are able to distribute them to families as often as you may need. If you would like to request a box, please click on the links below. We understand that some of the following information that is required is personal. We want to ensure you that we keep all information of these boxes confidential, and only staff designated to The Merc will have access to this content. If you have any questions or concerns please call counseling at 720-972-6320.

To fill out a request form, scan the QR code below or click on THIS link to request a customized food box.